Dr. Donny's Discipleship Training
Wednesday Nights at 6:45 pm

Discipleship Training Classes for Adults
November 2010 - February 2011

Creation Seminar

Dr. Kent Hovind Creation Seminar
---Facilitator: Lou Morris
---Where: FLC Fireside Room

The Creation Seminar features fascinating information on the latest in the creation versus evolution debate. Christians will be strengthened in their faith and unbelievers will take note of amazing facts that redeem science with the Bible. Interesting topics are discussed. Some include the age of the earth, the Garden of Eden, Dinosaurs, dangers of evolution, and others.

Creation Seminar

The Richest Man Who Ever Lived
---Facilitator: Judy Jackson
---Where: FLC Room 140

“The Richest Man Who Ever Lived” is a study on the book of Proverbs. Steven K. Scott reveals Solomon’s wisdom key for winning every race, explains how to resolve conflicts and turn enemies into allies, and discloses the five qualities essential to becoming a valued and admired person at work and in your personal life. Scott illustrates each of Solomon’s insights and strategies with anecdotes about his personal successes and failures. THE RICHEST MAN WHO EVER LIVED weaves the timeless truths of one of our greatest works of literature into a detailed roadmap for successful living today.

Creation Seminar

The Study of 2 Timothy
---Facilitator: Donny Holley
---Where: Small Dining Room

 The Book of 2 Timothy is the final words of Paul to Timothy. Timothy was in danger of weakening in his spirituality. This gave Paul concern since Timothy needed to carry on Paul’s work. Paul exhorted him to persevere as a man of God, to be faithful, and to continue to carry out the work God gave him. We can also benefit from the study to be faithful to the Word, faithful to the task God has given each of us, and to stick with it—no matter what.


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