I have said it several times and I will say it again loud and clear: “I am so proud of you, Hilldale Baptist Church!” You outdid yourself sharing the love of Christ in word and deed during our The Church Has Left the Building emphasis in August. We had children, youth, and adults involved in living out the Gospel and telling out the Gospel on Sunday nights and other times during the month of August. Thanks for every tree trimmed, every plant trimmed or planted, every casserole, pan of spaghetti, cake, or other desert created to share with someone in more need than we were. Thank you for every visit made and every life encouraged by knowing someone cared. Thank you for demonstrating the love of Christ and telling his story. You made and impact and God used you to change some lives, maybe even your own.

Our youth ministry made me proud and excited as they invited their friends and parents to a “Walk through the Gospel.” The Gospel of Jesus Christ was presented in a brief walk through of four decorated areas in an upstairs FLC room and images on the wall and objects in the rooms were used to point people visually to Jesus through a 5-7 minute narration in each room. EVERY member of Hilldale Baptist Church needs to go through the “Walk through the Gospel”. It will: 1) remind you of what Christ has done for your life, 2) draw you closer to Christ, 3) give you an appreciation for the growth of our young people and the faith of their leaders, 4)teach you how to share the gospel with someone who needs to be saved.

You will have a chance to take a “Walk through the Gospel” either before or after our showing of God’s Not Dead on September 21 at 5:30pm. Watch for the before start time for the “Walk through the Gospel.” And remember to invite your friends to the movie and to stay after and go upstairs for the “Walk through the Gospel.”

September 21 is BACK TO CHURCH SUNDAY, which is an opportunity for you to invite friends and members who have gotten involved in other things or fought off some illness and gotten out of the habit of coming to church to come back to church. You should also be inviting some people to join you on that Sunday who need to discover what church is all about.

However, that Sunday is really as much about those of you who attend regularly as it is anyone else. Do you care enough about your Lord to invite someone to His House? He wants you and me to be inviters and He wants our church to be inviting. This special Sunday, September 21 will give you an opportunity to do that very thing, invite someone: neighbor, coworker, friend, family member, classmate, stranger in the store or parking lot, even an enemy who needs to be a friend. INVITE!!

Inviting the world to Jesus with you,
Pastor Ron Signiture




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