Praise the Lord! WOW! Hallelujah! Glory! I am excited. Just when you think things are going as good as they can God gives you more of His Blessings. It is similar to the old Gaither song,

If He keeps on blessing and blessing
If He keeps on pouring it on
If His love just keeps on getting richer
If He keeps on giving a song
If my cup gets fuller and fuller If my prayers keep on getting through
If it keeps getting better and better Oh Lord,
I don't know what I'm gonna do

That is how I felt about this past month with the wedding of my daughter and all the prayers and comments from my church family for that event, then it was followed by a great conference I was able to attend to improve my Bible Study skills, and the surprise worked for our recognition of JoAnn and Donny Holley for their 30 years of service at HBC, and the wonderful worship with several of those who served and ministered in worship at HBC in the past. What a wonderful day we had in the morning and the afternoon services and at lunch. Great fellowship and the presence of the Lord was among us and the singing was heavenly! As usual those of you who brought food for the inside “dinner on the grounds” did us proud. Hilldale is a great place to serve and grow and get to know God better every day. Get involved so that you don’t miss the blessings.

We will be preparing for our July joint evening worship services with some of our sister churches in the area. Please plan on making an extra effort as we drop our Wednesday night and Sunday night services to join in worship with our brothers and sisters from the communities around us. Bring someone who doesn’t usually come to these special services. Watch your email, our Facebook page, and our regular publications for exact information on churches, dates, and worship leadership.

Take the opportunity to recognize Godly Fathers this June. We will be doing so in our morning worship on June 21. Our Women’s Ministry will provide a special gift on Father’s Day for those Fathers who are honoring God by their presence in worship on that day. We will not have an evening worship service so that you might spend extra time with your Father on that day.

You will want to add to your daily prayer list our Students going to camp in June along with their leaders and the students and Adults from Mt. Pleasant in Gordo. Seek God for life changing experiences with God for all of them. June also brings us to the joy of Vacation Bible School and the wonderful opportunities to influence children with a week of focused Bible learning. Many of us came to know Christ or began to be drawn to Him when we attended VBS. Lift up our workers and our kids to the Heavenly Father.

Let’s not forget that our own Haley McGaughy will be spending the summer on Mission for Christ through Servant Life's A1eight Project. She will be going to Toronto, Canada for two months where she will do local mission projects and door-to-door evangelism in order to build churches in the city. June 7 will be her last Sunday to worship with us before she leaves.

Bringing a friend to Jesus with you,
Pastor Ron Signiture




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