February is beginning to be a full month. Many of you have already started searching for a way to follow-through on your commitments made in January and thinking, “Did I take on too many things?” I know how to tell if you have placed too many good things or bad things or just unnecessary things on your “to do” list.

  • Is it necessary? Do you have to do it for your life to be what it needs to be? If not, take it off a too busy list.

  • Does it make you and those around you better people because you do it? If not you might let that one go.

  • Is it a God-honoring, God-pleasing activity that you have a passion to do? By all means, leave it on the list.

  • Did God tell you to do it by His Word, the counsel of Godly friends, or the prompting of the Holy Spirit after much prayer? You better keep that one on the list.

  • Does it keep you from developing a more intimate relationship with God through Jesus Christ your Lord?  If the answer is yes, junk it and if the answer is no consider it?

  • Does it increase your knowledge of God, love for Christ and your neighbors, impact on the life of unchurched,    unbelievers? Do it and move it to the top of the list. If it is not on your list; repent and get it at the top of the list.

I do hope you are praying for our Strategic Planning Team. They have an incredibly hard job,  looking to the future of the Hilldale Baptist Church without living in the great blessings of the  past, seeing with eyes of faith both reality and what only God can do, leading HBC to become a revitalized church without knowing exactly how or exactly what that will look like. They need your prayers and we all need to be deeply involved in praying and expecting God to lead us.

Note the special events taking place in the next few weeks at Hilldale and after special Sunday evening events settle down. Rejoin us in worship as we continue the series, “Membership  

Awakening to righteousness with you,
Pastor Ron Signiture




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Faith4Life- (grades 6-7)
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