Commitment is one of the least understood concepts in the Christian life today. In fact, commitment may be one of the least understood concepts in the whole world. Commitment seems to be going the way of the record player, the 8-track tape player, the cassette recorder, the palm pilot,  the 5 inch or 3 inch “floppy disc,” the Atari game system, “Pong,” and disco dancing. If you did not know what some of those were, you should be able to understand fully that things change quickly.

Commitment in America has changed as well. Truly committed lives are difficult to identify even in the church.

Some of the same people (you and me) who used to give about 10 hours a week volunteer service to church activities and worship, now give about 3 hours---if it is convenient and there is nothing better to do. Americans who used to give about 5% of their income to charitable causes (including churches) now give an average of 2%. It is not surprising that church attendance is in decline because it takes commitment and being unselfish in order to attend church regularly. We are a selfish nation and a selfish people if we let ourselves follow our own desires.

The good news is that we can be committed and hopefully we can be committed to the right things in life. The first commitment is to the Lordship of Christ, to Jesus being the CEO, CFO, Manager, and Boss of your life. Wrong choices produce wrong commitments, which produce wrong results. If you want to live the story of the gospel out in your life every day, it is a matter of choice not simply heart. Your heart emotions can lead you astray but when the mind focuses on Jesus and the will takes the right actions through the leadership of the Holy Spirit, you will grow in Christ and your feelings will follow. You will also
experience a response from God to your commitments, as He will be unconditionally committed to you. What a life that will be!!

What a joy VBS was this year. We had more children this year than last year. We had some wonderful teachers, helpers, and workers who kept their commitments to God and to the children by loving them, teaching them, and showing them the power of God’s Word. Praise God for the eight professions of faith. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO SERVED OUR LORD, OUR CHURCH, AND OUR KIDS DURING VBS!! Your influence will be eternal.

Living the Story with you,
Pastor Ron Signiture




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